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Residential Services

what you need to know

  • Chilly Pepper Technicians are trained and experienced with a vast variety of HVAC systems.

  • Our service vehicles are stocked with an extensive supply of parts and materials, making onsite repairs fast and easy, saving you time and money.

  • We can help you match the right system to fit your custom home and needs.

  • We offer Second Opinion / Competitive Pricing.

  • All Chilly Pepper Technicians and Vehicles can easily be identified with uniforms and logos

what we offer

  • Free In Home Estimates

  • Same Day Service Calls

  • 24/7 Service Calls for all emergencies needs

  • Annual Preventative Maintenance Agreements - see below

  • Quality Installations

  • Whole Home Humidity Control

  • WiFi Thermostats that can be controlled by any smart phone

  • Air Purification (which means less dusting)

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Residential Annual Preventative Maintenance


Chilly Pepper agrees to provide you with a highly trained, licensed and insured service technician to inspect and maintain your HVAC system(s).  The maintenance services to be performed as part of the agreement include TWO precision tune ups & professional cleanings per year.

 what’s included

  • Inspect Condenser Coil, clean as needed

  • Lubricate moving parts where applicable

  • Inspect and Adjust Blower Components

  • Test Back Up Heat Strips

  • Inspect Electrical Connections

  • Add time-release Algae Tablets to Primary Condensate Pan

  • Inspect Evaporator Coil, Clean as needed

  • Flush Condensate Drain System

  • Check for proper Delta T across coils Inspect for obvious problems

  • Inspect starting capabilities

  • Inspect operation pressures

  • Inspect safety controls

  • Inspect Thermostat Calibration

  • Test Defrost Sensor and Defrost Control Board

  • Coat Outdoor Units with Rust Inhibitor

  • Test Reversing Valve Operation 

 Benefits of being a Maintenance Member:

  • Priority Customer with quick response time

  • Discounted repair rates and after hours service call fees

  • No Overtime

  • Improved Capacity

  • Preventative breakdown of system(s)

  • Helps keep energy cost down

  • Prevents 80% of system failures

  • Keeps your system running at peak performance Extends the life of your system

  • Allows Chilly Pepper technicians to have a history and firsthand knowledge of your system